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Dedicated to the slash pairing of Scott Summers (Cyclops) & Logan (Wolverine). Love X-Men, Wolverine, Cyclops and really anything Hugh Jackman and/or James Marsden as well! However, anything Cyclops and/or Wolverine (non-slash) is welcome too!

Wolverine and Cyclops (comics and movie universe)

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You're one of the nicest fans I've come across in the X-Men fandom, and I really respect you for how levelly you state your opinions and always mind other parties. It's made settling into the fandom much easier and welcoming as someone who's been warming up to Scogan. Your blog and thoughtful opinions have helped that along. So, thanks!


Aww thanks anon!!!! That really means a lot to me because I really try to welcome anyone who is a Scogan fan, Scogan curious or really someone who is a fan of Scott and Logan without necessarily shipping them together to the blog. I don’t think it’s fair when people tell other people with opposing opinions that they are wrong because we really all are well within our rights to like what we like. Besides, if we all like the same thing life would be truly a boring place ;) Again thank you for the thoughts though anon because they made me smile after a really long week on my end where smiles were far and few! So again thank you and I’m glad you’re here with us!


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….if you can’t enjoy nudey Jimmy Marsden on a roof…I don’t know how we can be friends….

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I don’t know if I posted this or not already, but a long time ago this was fan art I did for a reverse bang challenge for a story with another author. I don’t think that she ever posted my art with her story, but here is the art I put together for the challenge. I think it pretty much speaks for itself lol

I don’t know if I posted this or not already, but a long time ago this was fan art I did for a reverse bang challenge for a story with another author. I don’t think that she ever posted my art with her story, but here is the art I put together for the challenge. I think it pretty much speaks for itself lol

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Scogan Head Canons (Round 2) Here is another round of Scogan head canons that the blog followers have sent in to share! Enjoy

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Wolverine & Cyclops invade Sesame Street (Okay, really it’s just Hugh Jackman and James Marsden, but seriously how lucky is Elmo?)

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"I know now that I have to be vigilant. I cannot—I will not—let the Phoenix change me. Inside all this power, I have to preserve the man I’ve always been. I have to remember why I fight. Because if I lose sight of that…what’s it all been for?" (Scott Summers, Earth-616)

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omgomgomg okay I LOVE your blog, specially because of that post talking about Scott Summer's actor in X-Men, and how great he is as Scott and how underrated Cyclops is!! I mean, he's my favourite X-Men ever!!! Seeing someone protecting him makes me sooooo happy!!! I'm glad and very confident about enjoying him, and I agree 100% with you about people disliking Cyke now and probably enjoying even more the young!Cyke, and that makes me really sad.

It makes me sad too (obviously). Cyclops is my favorite character as well and I’d really love to see him get his chance to shine in the films! Like you, I really adore the character and the actor as well and it brings out that protective side in me :) I’m glad to hear you agree with me on the subject because it does seem silly about people disliking Cyke now as there is so much to like about him!


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It could be due to having watched James in some honestly poor movies/roles and a lot to do with, as you mentioned, him not being given good material in the first 2 movies but even then as handsome as he his I don’t feel he could carry that role.When I went to see DOFP, the crowd did cheer when Jean and Scott showed up but maybe, like me,they weren’t cheering at the fact that it was specifically James reprising the role but just the fact that the character of Cyclops was given a chance to return.


Hey anon!

I appreciate you taking the time to write me as an anon so we could chat this out on the blog. With that I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you. Truth be told when I went and saw DOFP only once did the crowd cheer for Jean and Scott’s return (and that was at the World Premiere). Every other time I’ve seen the film there hasn’t been a reaction to Jean, just Scott. Also, I can see that you really don’t like James Marsden as evidenced by your post, so let me break it down for you. Bad movie choices or not, I would strongly suggest watching The 24th Day, Straw Dogs, Disturbing Behavior, Gossip, Death at a Funeral, or countless other roles James has been in. In the past couple of years some of his roles haven’t been the greatest, but James has an intensity about him that when tapped into is phenomenal. He works well against some heavy hitting co-stars and the thing that boggles the mind here is how anyone can tell me that they don’t think Hugh Jackman and James Marsden don’t have the potential to bring to life Scott and Logan’s rivalry/reluctant team respect/dare I say friendship over the years. Hugh Jackman and James Marsden have such a natural chemistry together (maybe it’s because they are good friends), but beyond that they have a fantastic Wolverine and Cyclops dynamic.

Beyond that I’ll take it a step further and say that had any other actor showed up at the end of DOFP in the Cyclops visor, the response would NOT HAVE been the same. I’m sorry, but even if people are excited for the return to Cyclops in having him finally have a story (which I believe he will in the next film as a teen), the ending would NOT have had the same impact if it wasn’t James in the role because we have come to see him as movie Cyclops. Yes, I realize there are people out there who would have preferred another actor (who is their fan favorite big wig) to step in, but the whole ending would’ve been completely lost. Maybe you weren’t excited about seeing James specficially in the role, but Hugh Jackman sure as hell was. You could see that in his tweet the day they were filming and by that almost half grin that Wolverine had when he saw Scott. Logan lit up at having Scott there, but it was an added oomph because his boy James was right there acting with him again. Any other actor in that moment would not have made that moment memorable, so while you’d like to say people were just excited for the idea of simply Cyclops being resurrected alone, I have to tell you fans could get that in the next film with the younger, teen version of Cyclops. This was about the nostalgia and whether you like James as Cyclops or not he’s part of the original (albeit fantastic) crew of the films and I’m sure as hell glad that he was back in the part. I just hope that they can cast a younger actor who will make me as equally excited about Cyclops as James did and hell, while we’re at it, I’ll even go a step further and say I hope the films are so successful that we get one more film with the original cast where James is Cyclops again so he can show all those who think he can’t do it that he can!


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As someone who was alive and not very young when the x-men trilogy first came out, I have to say I’m actually looking forward to the new Cyclops casting; despite my love for James Marsden, who honestly as a teenage girl was the reason I got into x-men. Seeing James as Cyclops is what initially piqued my interest into the movies and more importantly into the comics; however after reading a lot of the comics the less I see James fitting into that character.


Hey anon! I have to respectfully disagree with you on this one. Truth be told I personally think that James could more than fit the character in his intensity as an actor. He had three things working against him that don’t fit Cyclops. 1. He has blue eyes and Cyke has brown, but with the visor it’s pretty much a non issue. 2. he’s a little shorter than Cyke, but I’m all good with that as well. Hugh is taller than Logan and he rocks it and 3. he didn’t have the material to work with. I can understand you might’ve outgrown your James Marsden school girl crush, but that doesn’t negate his ability to take the role of Cyclops and run with it. Give James the material and I guarantee his Cyclops could more than bring the intensity and stoic leadership associated with comic book Cyke. Just saying! By the way my rant wasn’t so much about there being a younger recast and my being insulted by someone new because I personally felt Tim Pocock did one hell of a job in Wolverine Origins in his brief role. I wouldn’t mind seeing him return to the role (even though I know that won’t happen). I was merely commenting on the lack of love on tumblr for James as Cyke. That was really the idea behind my rant if you will. It saddens me that we might now get a movie where Cyclops can actually be front and center, yet James never was able to prove to everyone that he can do it. That’s a bit of a bummer, but hey Cyclops having a story is all good for me.


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