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Dedicated to the slash pairing of Scott Summers (Cyclops) & Logan (Wolverine). Love X-Men, Wolverine, Cyclops and really anything Hugh Jackman and/or James Marsden as well! However, anything Cyclops and/or Wolverine (non-slash) is welcome too!

The correlation of Scott in a maid uniform and Logan having a nosebleed? If that's the thing you were referring to: it's an ongoing gag in many anime and manga where if a character gets turned on they have a nosebleed. I don't actually know why this is, but there you go.

Well thank you for clearing that one up. I actually had no idea about that what so ever. I learned something new today! 


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Beyond X-men, what are your favorite roles that James Marsden and Hugh Jackman have played?



Good question anon :) I’m actually partial to James Marsden in Death at a Funeral, Sex Drive, Disturbing Behavior, The 24th Day and most recently 30 Rock. I think James really shines in comedy so in the case of Death at a Funeral, Sex Drive and 30 Rock he really just goes all out there with his comedic side. The 24th Day and Disturbing Behavior were both thrillers with very different roles. In The 24th Day he’s a cocky character who finds himself in a bad situation after a one night stand (very different role for James) and in Disturbing Behavior, well, he’s just adorable. Then again I’m also partial to Interstate 60. That is by far the most adorable film he was in. Gary Oldman is in it as well and it’s worth taking a look at. (So technically I like pretty much all of Jimmy’s roles overall)


With Hugh Jackman I think I’d find myself in the same category in liking various roles he’s played. He was great in Real Steel, adorable in his own way in Kate & Leopold, great in Swordfish and Someone Like you as well. The Prestige was amazing with him in it. It’s not your typical role for Hugh, but he played it so well. I also thought he was adorable in Paperback Hero. It was such a light film, but he was cute in that as well in his early career. Like James Marsden I’m kind of hard pressed to find things with Hugh that I don’t enjoy. He’s a very talented actor so in each role I find something to really enjoy out of it.

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U.K. premiere of Real Steel

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Hugh Jackman faces

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Real Steel photo call at Comicon

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Hugh Jackman in Real Steel and in Australia

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Hugh Jackman in Real Steel

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Hugh Jackman photo call

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Hugh Jackman various photos

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Hugh Jackman Real Steel photo call

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