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Dedicated to the slash pairing of Scott Summers (Cyclops) & Logan (Wolverine). Love X-Men, Wolverine, Cyclops and really anything Hugh Jackman and/or James Marsden as well! However, anything Cyclops and/or Wolverine (non-slash) is welcome too!

There was an article rating all of the xmen in buzzfeed a couple months ago and it mentioned the "weirdly sexual tension" between Scott and logan, thought u would be interested ;)


I’d totally be interested :) That sounds like a fun read! Do you have the link available?


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(movieverse) Do you have a head canon of how Scott and Logan became Scogan?


Good question anon. I actually have a few answers to this one. Three actually. In my head cannons (which I often use for the basis of a story when the mood inspires me) they stem from three points in time in the X-Men timeline. All of them are great starting points for the beginning of Scogan either on their own or combined in multiple head cannon scenarios. They are as follows:

1. Wolverine Origins: When Logan rescues Scott and the other mutants from Stryker’s facility it opens the door to a bond between them that no one else would be able to truly understand. What did they endure at Stryker’s hand? What common link do they have between them or better yet in my mind how does that really play into the future when Scott rescues Logan in X-1? In a lot of ways it sets the groundwork for these two together and the beginnings of Scogan.

2. In X-1 there is a deleted scene where Logan and Scott flirt around with one another when Logan requests Scott give him an order to which Scott orders Logan to put on one of his uniforms. The sexual tension between them is off the charts sizzling and after that scene when they are in the jet you can see that Scott is clearly flustered indicating that perhaps Scott saw or did something he’s nervous about with Logan when he was changing into Scott’s uniform.

3. In X-2 when Jean dies I think that’s another point in time where Scogan could’ve come about. The two of them had a tension between them up until this point and a Scogan fan could argue it was unresolved sexual tension (or maybe unmasked sexual tension brought on by something that they kept hidden previously in the timeline lol. I.E. the sexual nature of Logan’s return to the mansion. The exchange with him and Scott implies it all there, but still I’m getting off point). When Jean dies Scott and Logan sob in one another’s arms forming a bond with one another that no one else can truly understand. It’s in those moments and the ones in the President’s office where Logan is watching Scott longingly that you can see what he feels for Scott. Watching Scott in pain is killing him and you can tell from that moment on Logan wants to protect Scott and be there for him. Some may argue that Logan only stuck around for Jean, but in X-2 when she died he stayed for Scott plain and simple. That for me would be the biggest turning point for those two with one another in their grief and longing for one another.

So yeah, those would be my various points in time I’d spin a Scogan head cannon from. All of those equally wonderful and interesting in their own way.


….and this scene. It’s not part of the 3 moments I chose, but just look at the way Logan looks at Scott trying to get him to move on…with him perhaps? Maybe…

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This is what happens when you’re procrastinating on things you really should be doing, but feel compelled to play around instead.

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do you have any scogan fic-recs?


It depends on what kind of fics you’re looking for. Some people prefer fluff, other’s angst, very sexual, romantic, hate sex, or many other topics, etc. There are a lot of good stories out there if you’re looking for them. My favorite place to go is really AO3 just because there is a variety of authors all with very different takes on the various versions of Scogan.

That said, you can also check out this post I put up a while ago anon :) It might point you in the right direction: For those asking about Scott/Logan fan fictions

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(smutty) opinion: cyclops would top, and logan would love it.


Agree :)



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Scogan Random Prompt Writing/Art Challenge

Since Challenge #1 went so well, I’ve decided to post another Scogan art/animation/graphic/fic challenge. For anyone who is interested here are the rules of this challenge.

You can send me a PM with a number 1 through 10 and I will assign you the prompt listed for that number. With that prompt suggestion you can either do an art piece, graphics, animations, or write a fic featuring Scott and Logan that is at least 250 words long. Again, you can choose from any universe you’d like and the type of story/genre/content again is up to you with whatever you like. The only stipulation is that it must feature both Scott and Logan in it. Prompt assignments will be given based on the number you send in. Depending on what number you select there maybe be multiple people with the same prompt. When you are finished please let me know and also please tag your work with #scogan and #scoganpromptchallenge so that I share your work with everyone on here as well :)

Best of luck with the challenge and I hope everyone gives it a shot!


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Scogan Five Word Writing/Art Challenge

For those fanfic writers out there, I thought I’d post a mini-challenge for everyone. If you send me a PM I’ll send you 5 randomly chosen words that you must use for an art and/or writing challenge. You can either do an art piece or write a story. The story you write must be at least 250 words minimum. The maximum is up to you in what you want to write, but with the story and/or art the topic must be about Scott and Logan and you must use the 5 assigned words in some way shape or form within the context of the story. Aside from that you can pick whatever kind of genre you want to work with (i.e. comedy, bromance, drama, romance, holiday, etc). It can be from any universe they are in together. You can even blend universes (i.e. Movie Logan/ComicScott, AUs). It’s up to you!!! The imagination is the limit on where you’ll go with it!!! I know it’s a very random challenge, but just to generate some interest, let’s see if anyone wants to give this a try.

When you are finished with your story, please let me know so that I can reblog and share the link to the blog followers. Also be sure to tag it with #scogan and #scoganfivewords so that way it will be easy to find! I know it’s random, but let’s see if anyone is up to the challenge.

(On the flip side, if someone would like to assign me 5 random words let me know and I’ll give the challenge a go as well!)

Best of luck everyone! Let’s have fun with this!

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Scogan fic/art/vid challenge?

Would anyone want to take part in a fic & or art challenge that I would put up where I offer up a theme and you either do a Scogan fic, video or an art piece for the challenge? I have had a couple requests to start something like that & figured I would toss the question out there for everyone to see what they thought.

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so what's your fave Scott/Logan fic of all time?



See now that’s really a tough one because there are so many great fics out there. I don’t necessarily have one fic in particular that’s a favorite because I think each fic writer brings something a little different to the table in terms of story. Plus, the fact that I like comic Scogan and movie Scogan again is almost like shipping two different pairings so it broadens the spectrum so to speak on what I like. Though if you’re looking for a great Scogan writer on tumblr who updates and takes requests, I’d highly recommend because there are some really great ongoing stories over there!

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Do you ever just think about how Logan was wearing Scott's sweatshirt at the beginning of X-1 and wonder if he ever actually gave it back and now they fight over it all the time



Honestly I never really gave thought to Logan in the sweatshirt, but I have wondered how it played out with Logan wearing Scott’s uniform in X-1. That in itself is such a great scene that it was a let down that it was taken out of the movie. When Logan puts his claws through the uniform in knowing it’s Scott’s I have to wonder what kind of encounter they had before he left the school. Then again it also begs the question of when Logan changed into it, did Scott walk away to give him privacy or did he stick around to take a glimpse of Logan…


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